In this section, you will be able to download various guides and necessary software to get started with Delfi Icons.

Delfi Icons Quick start

  • In 'Projects', open or create a new project
  • Go to the designer tab.
  • Drag a module to the center terminal and configure it.
  • Click 'Save' in bottom right corner.
  • Go to Administration (top left corner) and click 'Trial' to create an installation file for your terminal.

Delfi Communication Center

You will need the Delfi Communication Center software to be able to extract the scanned information from the terminals.Download it here

If you choose the USB capable version, a piece of helper-software will also be installed on your computer to facilitate USB (Windows Mobile Device Center or Microsoft ActiveSync depending on OS)

You can download the Delfi Communication Center Manual by clicking here.

Input and output files

If you want to upload input files to your terminal, they have to be in a specific format in order to optimize search times (fixed width and Windows-1252 encoding).

For at technical overview of all input (and output) files, please download the technical flowchart of Delfi Icons applications by clicking here.

You can find example input files here, and a sheet containing matching barcodes here.

Validate input files

If you would like to check if your generated file is in the correct format please use the following tool: Launch Validator

Please write us at dcisupport@delfi.com if you have other questions or need further help.